We’ve covered a lot of different ways to increase and build functional fitness.

But our article barely scratched the surface:

  • Gymnastic rings would be a great way to promote functional fitness.
  • Working your way towards your first handstand is fun strength practice.
  • A yoga routine could also be considered as “functional.”
  • A hike would be a great way to prepare for traveling through natural landscapes.

Also, let’s not get close-minded here. Being strong will help you navigate the world in front of you, so in that sense, any form of strength training could be considered “functional fitness.”

So would parkour, which has you traveling through urban landscapes:

Hugo Went From 'Tired and Stressed' to Fit and Healthy

Just find something you like and get started!

The more you do, and the more variation you include (barbell training, yoga, and hiking), the more functional fit you’ll be.

This is how you become “antifragile.”

Now, all that’s left to do is start:

Want a little help getting going? The perfect next step on how to begin your functional fitness journey?

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Alright, enough from me. Your turn:

Do you practice functional fitness?

Do you have any specific exercises you cover?

Any tips or tricks for someone just getting started?

Let me know in the comments!


PS: Strength training would be a great way to promote functional fitness. If you’re not sure where to start with your strength training journey, start here.