Cholesterol and Muscle Building

Put this one down as another study that has produced results that may have surprised the general public, but not so much your average bodybuilder. High Cholesterol Is Good for Building Muscle. Not so long ago I got an email from a guy who was frustrated with his inability to gain muscle weight. The results he reported were truly horrible. […]

Science of Steroids

The National Geographic Channel is running a good program titled the “Science Of Steroids.” Its an interesting hour for everyone, whether or not you use steroids or have any thoughts about using them. Some things I found particularly interesting from the show: One of the “experts” talked about how using steroids was one of the last things anyone would admit […]

How To Eat More

First, I’ve been away for a bit but I’m back now and hope to get some regular posts up going forward. Second , I am working on a new section at the site which will eventually give illustrations of videos and pictures of all the top muscle building exercises. So far, 13 exercises are up, check them out at the¬†Weight […]